GI Various Correspondences (1830s-1930s)

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GI 1

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Manuchehr Khan Mo’tamed al-Dowleh (Governor of Isfahan) Concerning a dispute between ‘Abd al-Hosein Khan and Ebrahim Khan over lands

'Abd al-Hosein, Ebrahim, Ghassem Qasem Ghani, Gorji, Manuchehr Khan, Mirza Aqasi, Moʻtamed al-Dowleh, Rokn al-Dowleh, Sadr al-Dowleh, Sadri Shams Abad argument, claims, juridical case, land, law, shar‘ 1254-1263, 1838-1847
GI 2

Haji-Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). Concerning the conversation between Mirza J’afar Khan and Russian Prince Vorontzov.

Imam Musa Kazem, Khorasani, Me‘mar Bashi, Mirza Aqasi, Mirza Ja‘far, Mohammad Shah, Mohammad Taqi, Nesselrode, Vorontsov, Vorontsov-Dashkov Caucasus, Russia arsenal, borders, climate, creek, environment, Foreign Affairs, health, hunting, illness, qurkhaneh, river, water 1250-1264, 1835-1848
GI 3

Haji-Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). Assuring the Shah that there are no symptoms of any new disease in the Harem.

crown prince, Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Saleh, Naser al-Din Mirza, vali‘ahd Lavasan, Shemiranat, Sohanak, village andaruni, chief, crown prince, environment, harem, health, illness, valiʻahd, village 1250-1264, 1834-1848
GI 4

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). Expressing sorrow that the Muslems are not concerned with the conquest and subordination of the non-believers.

Imam Hosein, Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Shah, Sayyed al-Shohada’ takkiyeh 'Ashura, Moharram, morning, takkiyeh 1260, 1844
GI 5

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). Prays that God may not remove the shadow of the Shah from the heads of the people of Iran.

clerics, Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Shah, ‘olama’ clerics, ‘olama’ 1254-1263, 1838-1847
GI 6

Mirza Aqasi to the Mohammad Shah: Perovsky’s Complaint about the military –The Shah’s response 

Haji Khan, Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Hasan, Mohammad Shah, Qasem Khan, Vasily Perovsky, ‘Abbas Astar Abad, Azerbaijan, Gorgan, Guran, Russia, Tabriz army, barley, bread, camel, cavalry, chapar, fowj, fowj-e Guran, General, military, Minister Plenipotentiary, money, mule, rice, sheep, troop, vazir mokhtar 1251-1264, 1835-1848
GI 7

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). In defence of a court official who was criticized by the Shah.

Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Shah, pishkar clothes, confidant, gift, gift giving, jobbeh, khalʻat, pishkar, reward 1250-1264, 1835-1848
GI 8

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). Thanking the Shah for his concern over his health.

Hakim Bashi, Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Shah cold, hakim bashi, health, hunting, illness, influenza, injury, knee, Moharram, morning, passion play, Qur’an, taʻziyeh, ‘azadari 1250-1264, 1835-1848
GI 9

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). Inviting the Shah to ‘Abbas Abad for rest.

Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Shah andarun, andaruni, Bidestan, Evin, fortress, harem, Kashanak, Niyavaran, Vanak, ‘Abbas Abad andaruni, bath, eftar, environment, fasting, fly (insect), fortress, harem, infection, insect, pollution, Ramadan, troop, water 1250-1264, 1835-1848
GI 10

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). Concerning his health.

Aqa Sadeq, Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Shah foot, foot pain, health, illness, leg, leg pain, pain 1250-1264, 1835-1848
GI 11

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). Concerning two letters written six years previously to two foreign envoys which were never delivered to them.

'Ali Mirza, envoy, Ilchi, Komeyl, Mirza Aqasi, Mirza Soleyman, Mohammad Saleh, Mohammad Shah, Zell al-Sultan 'atabat, Kermanshah Do‘a-ye Komeyl, envoy, Ilchi, prayers, punishment, torture, ‘atabat 1250-1264, 1835-1848
GI 12

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). Complaining about the brothers and the uncles of the Shah who are involved in intrigues and treason.

brother, Iravani, Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Hasan, Mohammad Hasan Sardar, Mohammad Hasan Sartip, Mohammad Shah, Reza Qoli, Reza Qoli Sartip, Sartip, Seyf Allah Mirza, uncle, Zolfaqar Damghan, Semnan, Yazd brother, governor, sartip, uncle 1250-1264, 1835-1848
GI 13

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). Complaining about the foreigners (Europeans) who have caused him pain and suffering.

Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Shah Arba‘in, farangi, foreigner, horse riding, Moharram, ziyarat nameh, ‘Ashura 1250-1264, 1835-1848
GI 14

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). A routine report.

Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Shah army, military, troop 1250-1264, 1834-1848
GI 15

Haji Mirza Aqasi to Mohammad Shah (Shah of Iran). 

Concerning the necessity of the Shah’s presence in the capitol.

crown prince, Ja‘far Qoli, Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Shah, prince, Qajar, vali‘ahd, wife andarun, andaruni, harem, Negarestan, Niyavaran, palace, Qarabagh andaruni, army, arsenal, artillery, cannonry, cavalry, crown prince, harem, military, military parade, money, prince, Qajar, san, savar, troop, valiʻahd, wife 1250-1264, 1835-1848
GI 16

Farhad Mirza to Bibi Jan. Sending a Qor’an to her.

Bibi, Bibi Jan, Farhad Mirza, Hashem, Moʻtamed al-Dowleh, sister gift, gift giving, handwriting, Qur’an, sister
GI 17

Koluke, Shah’s physician, to the Shah. Concerning the mineral waters of Larijan.

Mohammad Shah Ameq, Larijan health, physician, royal physician, therapy, thermal water, treatment 1250-1264, 1834-1848
GI 18

Haji Mirza Aqasi to the Shah. Concerning some diseases in the city and the suburbs (of Teheran).

Hosein ‘Ali, Khadijeh, Khadijeh Chehriqi, Mirza Aqasi, Mohammad Shah, mother, Mo‘ayyer al-Mamalek, Nayeb al-Saltaneh, Sepahsalar-e Aʻzam, ‘Abbas Mirza Kashanak, Niyavaran cholera, disease, environment, epidemy, health, illness, mother, rain, stomach, treatment 1255-1264, 1839-1848
GI 19

Farhad Murza to Sepahsalar-e A’zam: Concerning the mutiny of some soldiers and their punishment.

'Ali Aqa Sultan, Farhad Mirza, Gholam 'Ali, Hosein Qoli, Hosein ‘Ali, Manuchehr Sultan, Mirza Taqi, Nasir al-Molk, Qazi, sarhang, Sartip, Sepahsalar-e Aʻzam, Shakur Khan, Yavar, ‘Abbas Mirza Capital, Dar al-Khelafeh, Darab, Khosrow Abad, Lar, Larestan, Maharlu, Masjed-e No, Sarband, Tehran, ‘Arabestan brigadier, cannon, cannoneer, Capital, cavalry, chain, colonel, Dar al-Khelafeh, fowj, Fowj-e Maharlu, punishment, Ramadan, rebel, rebellion, riffle, Sarbandi, sarhang, sartip, savar, soldiers, troop, tupchi, whip 1250s, 1830s
GI 20

A note by Farhad Mirza (then the governor of Teheran): Consulted Hafez (Persian poet whose verses are used for telling fortunes).

Farhad Mirza, Hafez, Moʻtamed al-Dowleh Charsu murderer, poem, poetry, Ramadan, tafa‘ol 1269, 1852