How to use the Collection

The documents in this collection are titled and referred to according to their reference in the Guide to the Ghassem Ghani collection MS 235 catalogue at the Manuscript and Archives at Yale University Library.  If you wish to search the documents, please go to the Transcribed Documents section, where you can find three alphabetical lists of personalities, places and technical terms. You can also use the search engine whereby searchable keywords provide names, places, years and technical terms for each document.
Names should be searched without prefixes such as Mirza or Haji. The transliteration is based on the International Journal of Middle East Studies system without diacritics and with the following exceptions:
‘e’ instead of ‘i’ e.g. ketab-e
‘o’ instead of ‘u’ e.g. Mohsen
The silent final ‘h’ is written; e.g. khaneh
You can search technical terms such as pishkash, tankhah, and amin khalvat, by their Persian transliterations; however, in most cases, English translations are also provided.
On the search-result page, you can see the library reference to the document(s) and the list of keywords. If you click on a keyword or on the reference number, you will have an access to a savable and printable pdf file.
The file consists of the reference to the document, an introduction, the transcribed text of the document, and – most of the time – some annotations on the subject, personalities, places, or technical words.
In order to help find names and titles, this site provides you with:
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